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Supply Chain Management

Does your company have a Logistics Strategy?

When a company creates a logistics strategy it is in essence defining and maximizing its known input and output levels as it relates to the business model.  Because supply chains are regularly changing and evolving, ITM Group develops a number of logistics strategies for specific product lines, countries, and clients.


The benefits of a solid strategy

Supply chains constantly change and being able to keep up and adapt will affect any company. To adapt to the ever-changing supply chain, we develop and implement a formal logistics strategy for your company. This allows you to identify the impact of imminent changes and make organizational or functional decisions to ensure service levels are not reduced.

What Is Involved in Developing a Logistic Strategy?

ITM Group aims to develop long-term logistics strategies by looking at four distinct areas:

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Why ITM Group

Supply Chain Design to implementation

Why ITM Logistics


(Strategy Forward based on company objectives)


(Examine physical & structural issues)


(Are individual functions achieving functional excellence)


(Development & configuration of IT systems, policies, and procedures)

A successfully implemented logistics strategy is important for companies who are dedicated to keeping service levels at the highest levels possible despite changes that occur in the supply chain.