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It is our mission to provide the highest quality service with emphasis on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.  Treating your cargo as our own gives our customers peace of mind and confidence in us.

Customer service

The most important factor in determining who you will procure your services from is whether or not your needs are met and that exceptional value is delivered for your costs.   In addition to our experience in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations, there are four additional characteristics of the ITM Group business philosophy that make us truly unique among other vendors and contractors:

Experience, Commitment, Adaptability and Loyalty

Experience:  Everyday our customers trust us with the design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of their supply chain processes and worldwide movements.  As a single source provider of supply chain management, logistics and procurement solutions, we take pride in our operational and managerial efficiency, efficient communications structure and the transparency we offer to our customers.

Commitment:  ITM Group is committed to helping our clientele address the practical and strategic challenges that come with any supply chain, logistical, or procurement needs.  We give 100% of our resources to providing tailored solutions that fit the dynamic and unique operational goals of each of our customers.      

Adaptability:  An essential factor in procuring and providing services is whether or not the vendor selected has the ability (scalability) to adapt and respond to your needs.  Thanks to our company structure, ITMG has the ability to increase or decrease capacity with ease and provide even more value added and specialized supply chain services through our unbeatable customer service and accessibility.

Loyalty:  We earn the respect of our customers, partners, and suppliers every day, in everything we do.  We strive to provide the highest quality service with an emphasis on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with each client.

In the end, ITM Group’s team is made up of achievers.  Every day starts at zero and by the end of the day we need to achieve something tangible.  The pace and levels of productivity we have set for our work group is the theme that keeps us moving and ensures the highest level of service and customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

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